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29 Dec 2019

During the porting process of Infliction to consoles, there have been many challenges that have made me reconsider the way I had done things. It's definitely changed the way I will do things moving forward.

The earliest version of Infliction was actually the second proj...

25 Jul 2019

Exactly one year ago today I started a Kickstarter. That Kickstarter kicked some major ass and met its funding goal. It did however fall short in regards to stretch goals for both additional languages and console release.

Cut to today, I have self funded Infliction for...

30 May 2019

Infliction update 2.4 was released about a month ago. In fact, at the time of writing this, 2.5 is already out. So why am I writing this? I wanted to talk about the bonus content I added to the game and the lessons learned from such a thing.

I love special features on D...

28 Feb 2019

Next week I’ll be adding Russian, French and Japanese subtitles and interface to Infliction as part of update 2.3. This will bring Infliction's languages up to six along-side English, Simplified Chinese and German. I’m always so excited to bring new languages to Inflic...

31 Oct 2018

Hi all,

Thank you again for the amazing response to the launch of Infliction!

It has been a dream come true to release this horror game, and it was great to celebrate this milestone at the PAX Australia Indie Showcase this weekend. I traveled to Melbourne to show Inflict...