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🎃Thank you and Happy Halloween! 👻

Hi all,

Thank you again for the amazing response to the launch of Infliction!

It has been a dream come true to release this horror game, and it was great to celebrate this milestone at the PAX Australia Indie Showcase this weekend. I traveled to Melbourne to show Infliction with help of some great friends, and it was wonderful to meet some of you there in person.

Before the trip I released a first patch for some fixes, and now that i’m back in Sydney I’ve been hard at work to release the next update with plenty more. You can check out all the details on the Steam store page for Infliction - and i’d like to share that i’ll also be adding some exciting new content into the game with planned future updates as well.

If you’ve played Infliction, it would mean the world if you could leave a review on Steam - this hugely helps solo developers like myself. :)

A special thank you to those who are planning to play Infliction as their Halloween treat! ;)



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