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Caustic Reality is now a reality.

While considering if a studio and studio name are required for a solo game developer, I ultimately decided that I wanted to keep my own brand and game development brand separate. There are numerous pros and very few cons to this approach. It's easier for most to take a studio seriously over "just some guy". I'm not much of a self promoter. It will be much easier for me to market my products as a studio rather than as myself.

Whilst I made this decision quite some time ago, it's nearly impossible to think of a studio name that you like, holds some kind of meaning, represents you in a way you want to be represented and doesn't sound terrible. I thought on this for quite some time and was met with disappointment time and time again. I'd think of the perfect name only to find another studio, or some random media agency on the other side of the planet is already using it. I was sitting on the couch with my wife a few nights ago and it hit me. I asked her "what about Caustic Reality"? She replied "I have no idea what that means but I like it". A quick search on the internet revealed that this name was available and thus, a studio was born.

Caustic Reality holds several meanings for me at this stage of my life but I will leave what the name means open to interpretation for those that care enough to ponder it.

Once I had the name, it was time to lock down the dot com. I doing so I found myself creating this website. This site will serve not only as a news outlet for the studios upcoming titles but also as a place for me to blog about my experiences developing a game during the wee hours of the morning knowing I have work the next day.

So there we have it. Caustic Reality is now a reality and it has an address.

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