Caustic Reality is an independent game studio made up of just one game developer, me. My name is Clinton McCleary and I live in Sydney Australia with my wife and daughter. I have over 7 years experience as a designer in the serious games and corporate education sector, I'm a graduate from the Academy of Interactive Entertainment with an advanced diploma of game development specialising in game art and I'm a game designer at Blowfish Studios.

It's been my life-long dream since drawing Mario levels on paper at 6 years old to create the very things that brought me so much joy growing up.

When I'm not working on amazing game projects, I'm supporting my first and now released video game. Infliction is available on Steam for Windows PC. Infliction: Extended Cut is available on PS4 and Xbox One.


If you have any questions or would simply like to say hello, don't be shy. Feel free to contact me via the contact page on this web site.


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