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Development Update - Voice Over

I've been very busy over the past month with organising the voice over for the game. I didn't think I'd need any this early on but I want to include some of it in the trailer I plan to release in the coming months. I did have some scripts written some time ago but it was time to re visit them before getting them recorded.

Upon re-writing I have greatly expanded the mythology and some of the finer details I hadn't considered before. It's actually a great advantage to the entirety of the project as I can make more purposeful decisions in my development and design. In future I'll be writing dialogue up front so the characters can influence the design.

I'd really like players to come away from this experience feeling something. What they feel is up to them but if some of the dialogue hit's them how it hits me, then I've done my job as a storyteller. Getting an emotional response from a video game is no easy feat. Because a lot rides on the narration and story elements being taken seriously, I've hired a few voice actors. 3 in total. I have just received all the vocals back now and I'm thrilled with the performances. I can't wait to dive in to some sound editing.

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