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Development Update - TV Show

One of the main design philosophies of this game is that I want everything(within reason) to be intractable. So when it comes to items like a television, you need content. There are lots of ways to do this. Most have a simple colour test screen like the TV isn't tuned in or something(Shown at the start of my show). Games like Max Payne 2 had static images voiced over. For this particular project I have filmed 5 short episodes of a cooking show that will be displayed depending on what time period you're currently in.

One of the other design philosophies is that everything has some kind of purpose. With that in mind, this TV show relates directly to the characters actions of the past depending on what level they're in. Of course the sub text is all open to interpretation but I think players will be happy when they turn the TV on and there is a show to watch.... Although, if you're being stalked... you may not want to stand in front of the TV for too long.

Given that I'm a solo developer with no actual budget, we shot this with a friend in my kitchen. I would have loved a filthy grimy set true to the time period but my wife, who has been super supportive, didn't want me to trash our kitchen. I'm hoping the simplistic style of the show will give it some charm but at the end of the day, this is an extra that some players won't even see. Not an attitude I usually take but you need to find the silver lining and move on to the next thing.

The first episode has been edited and is now in the game so I could develop the TV system. The latter episodes will likely be implemented much later in development.

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