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Development Update - Household items

So, the level is finished. It has been for some time now. All that's left is to populate the level with smaller assets and furniture to give the space a lived in feel. The furniture and larger pieces yield immediate results. After you implement the new asset a large chunk of the space feels different and improved.

That brings me to the other types of objects I'm currently implementing. Small consumables and decorations. For the most part, they're easy to model. Often made up by simple cylinders or cubes. But texturing is another story. Because of my own OCD and wanting to make a small area as dense as possible with details, texturing these objects can be very time consuming. You might dismiss these items as not really needed, nice to have things. While that is true I want this place to feel like a real lived in place. It also makes the setting immediately relate able to most.

See this can of cooking spray?

I usually have around 30-60 minutes to spend on each product. It sounds like ample time right? I thought so until I started making them. Then I realised that there are people in the world that design labels for a living and would spend many days on just drafts alone. First there is the design itself. Something familiar yet original. Then we have to make the fake company logo and any other essential information. Now on to the fun part.... Product information:

Directions for use, Ingredients, nutrition, warnings, descriptions etc. This is the part where I really get bogged down in the weeds. Will players even read these labels? Will they realise the ingredients on each product are real?

Then we have other objects.... like VHS tapes for example. Although time consuming I had a ton of fun making these.

It wasn't until I started making these objects that I realised I need to come up with fake movie titles and tag lines, fake actors, fake distribution companies and a synopsis. As I said though these particular items are a blast to make.

At the end of the day, the content is there for those that want to see it. For anyone walking around reading every thing there is (which admittedly sounds rather boring), it would likely extended their play time by several hours. If I've learnt anything from this, I should think more about what goes into making an object rather than just writing "VHS Tapes" on my to do list. Oh, and for me... The little details, totally worth it.

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