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Development Update - Examine system

I have been working on the examine object system within the game. In it's current state you can pick up and examine most small objects. Many indie titles I see that implement this feature often neglect to include a few small effects that really make it pop. The way it works currently is with a left click when the mouse is over an object, it moves in to the users view. I have custom distance from camera depending on the object as some are larger than others. Once it has moved in to position the rest of the environment has a blur effect applied to it bringing the object in to focus. You can examine by moving the mouse left or right. I have only applied horizontal rotation to the objects at this stage as Y axis rotation can be problematic when combined with X axis rotation. While being examined the player can zoom in by holding the right mouse button for a closer look. Once the player is finished, left clicking will send the object back to it's original position.

This system is working fairly well except for a small oversight I have fixed just now. If the player has their flashlight on and examines a shiny object, like a knife. They would be blinded by the flashlight reflecting off the knife. I now have the flash light dim slightly and shift to the right and up a little to avoid this problem. I will likely implement custom flashlight brightness and position for each object but at this stage the effect is uniform across all objects.

Before and after light fix implementation:

I will continue to refine this feature but for now, I am happy with it's function. For a short preview, check out the video below.

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